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Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Congrats! Adam Izhan is 6 Months Today!

Today 8 August 2018, my little baby Adam Izhan turns 6 months. I have no idea how the time flies and so envying me. From the time I hold Adam with 3.24 kg after birth and gaining her weight month after month watching he growing and make me so love him even much every single day. I will miss him so much if I get busy doing the translation work and can't wait to play with him. Remembering her cuteness during the newborn makes me miss so much of that moment. The moment I won't forget. Who would forget the first experience of delivering a baby? At least not me. hahaha.

When Adam was newborn, he takes after daddy's face with yellow and dark skin. After that, Adam grows till 6 months and he takes after my face looks and her skin getting fair and even more like me with the chubby cheek! Hahaha. So it was fair, right? Since I'm the one who goes through the pregnancy and delivers the baby. ;D.

We. husband and wife always fought over who's face Adam takes after. Haha. Especially me. I just teasing him for fun. No matter whos' face Adam takes after I love him so much because it's our baby boo. :) 
Right now, Adam's milestone development is on a good track and on the right milestone, I just need to be there with her all the time to make sure he can get our love and attention as a parent. I just love seeing her scream over with the little things I tease him and give a big laugh and smile. Adam was such a happy boy and always get the attention of others because of her cuteness, love to smile, babbling and even being cheeky now. Even so, I quite afraid because whenever we go out, people would see Adam and catch someone attention, they tend to touch Adam's face and try to kiss him. Oh, my, I try to avoid but its too late. At the moment I'm not in the mood to scold that person. But my heart said the opposite (T_T tak sampai hati nak cakap) and would remind myself next time. Alhamdulillah, Adam was fine till now. 
There was a time when we travel to Kedah and need to stop by at RnR. So I bring Adam to buy some bread as I am so hungry at that time...while my husband is taking nap and need rest for her driving. I go to the shop and after that go straight away to the car. But it doesn't happen that way, because the shop staff asking me this, "Boleh tak nak ambil gambar dengan baby? Comel la". And I couldn't say a thing at the moment ..unable to respond few second. Without waiting for my response, he just comes over and takes Adam. Again. Soft heart. 
Then, the staff selfie with my Adam and after that gives me a 2 ringgit notes for my baby. I was speechless and say thank you and the staff keeps staring at Adam for her cuteness overload...I kind of scared of this situation actually, but unable to express it. Honestly, I try to be protective to my son and don't want Adam to involve with a stranger but at the same time, I don't want to make that woman feel uneasy and taking to the heart which is at the end .. I do nothing to be a protective mother T_T. I couldn't say no to something that people ask nicely. huhuu. My ultimate bad T_T. Maybe I need to make my face cavalier so that thing won't happen.
Over the past 6 months, Adam had no fever at all which is I wonder why... he only got 2 times flu with easy recover. Alhamdulillah, I am so much full of blessing to have Adam Izhan in my life. The most important thing is I have received full of blessing that Allah smooth my journey over the past 6 months, and even during the pregnancy and after...and also even though of course, Allah gives me the hardship in other parts of my life that I won't tell it here. 
Hoping and praying that Adam continues to grow well and become a useful person one day..Aminn. Thank you for reading :)

Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Recipe: Sweet Pumpkin Fritter [Cucur Labu Lemak Manis]


Who's fritter lover here? Ever try Sweet Pumpkin Fritter? In Malay, we called it 'Cucur'. Usually, we make anchovies fritter or prawn fritter right? but this time I want to share a recipe, Sweet Pumpkin Fritter [Cucur Labu Lemak Manis]. Actually, I got this recipe from an instafamous chef (yatiekitchen).
I applied almost 90% same ingredients but a little bit different because I'm using what I got in my refrigerator. Sis Yatie using potatoes and prawn, but I'm using sweet pumpkin and anchovies as the base. hehe. I just try and error. If the results were not okay I'm not going to cook it again. Surprisingly, after I taste the fritter the results are delicious and deserved to share with people out here :D. The more pumpkin you put in, the taste got better.
Sweet Pumpkin Fritter @ Cucur Labu Manis

Okay, let us start to discuss about the ingredients first if you have potatoes not pumpkin just go with it. But if you have pumpkin the taste is milky rich and sweet. Definitely, I am going to repeat this recipe and cook it over and over. haha.
@Sweet Pumpkin (Diced it into small pieces)
@Red Chillies (Slice)
@Chive Leaf (Cut for 3cm each)
@One egg
@Anchovies (Punch)
@A little bit of Cukup rasa Maggi
@A bowl of wheat flour (which is included with baking powder)
@Rice flour 2-3 tablespoon


1. Mix all the ingredients just like in the picture below, add-on warm water and mix until well. Make sure, not too thick and not too liquid for you to fry it.

2. Heat the oil to deep fry and wait until it is slowly boiling, and then fry it till you find it crispy. Gudluck!
Love the colours! 

Okay done! Thanks for reading! Don't forget to drop me a comment after trying it :D

Monday, 6 August 2018

Lacto Food, for mommies

Selepas lahirkan Adam Izhan rasa bersyukur sangat kerana diberi peluang untuk jadi seorang ibu. Selepas dah jadi ibu, lalui fasa penyusuan bayi. Susu badan boleh berkurang kalau kita tak jaga pemakanan dan rutin harian. So, as first time mommy. Makanan lactogenik memang benda yang baru for me. Masa awal-awal dulu bf kan Adam perkataan lactogenic ni boleh kata perkataan yang asing bagi aku sampailah satu hari terbaca insta Dr. Harlina isteri Dr. Syeikh Muszaphar maklum dekat blog what kind of food yang boleh boost milk production. hehe. So, as for the time being topik ni memang menarik minat dan memang nak sangat banyakkan susu badan supaya melimpah ruah. Boleh baca info dan tips yang Dr.Harlina share Breastfeeding Tips.
Sekarang boleh nampakkan populariti melambak-lambak dalam pasaran milkbooster untuk tingkat breastmilk production. Jadi ramai pula yang berpusu-pusu jadi founder for milkbooster. The truth is tak semua milkbooster sesuai dengan mommies. Based on my experience survey milkbooster ada yang susu badan jadi banyak bila amalkan minum air rebusan halba. Ada pulak yang susu badan banyak lepas amalkan kurma atau minum susu kurma setiap hari. Ada orang yang makan sup lobak putih dan makan sayur sawi sampai breast bengkak dan susu badan bertambah banyak. Tapi ada juga yang orang dah cuba macam-macam tapi masih camtu je susu badannya. Masih cuba dan terus mencuba disamping bereksperimen with kind of food yang boleh boost breastmilk. Kesan pada setiap orang berbeza-beza. I don't argue that because it happen to me and maybe you too :).
Tapi mommies need to know this, makanlah apa-apa pun jenis milkbooster, if tiada rangsangan dari baby as your ultimate breastpum, susu badan memang takkan banyak. Mommies kena faham konsep Demand and supply baby. Lagi banyak demand dari baby lagi banyak susu yang boleh kita supply to baby.
As for my mom, lacto food yang dia advice and suggest ialah kena makan sayur-sayur hijau macam sawi, atau sayur lobak putih. Masa tempoh dalam pantang tiap-tiap hari makan sup sawi dan sup lobak putih susu badan memang banyak. Tapi lepas habis je pantang, lagi-lagi masa time raya dah start busy dengan work, apatah lagi kurang minum air, susu badan memang drop! Makan sup sawi dan lobak pun tak jalan. So I try counter back mimum air almos 3-4 liter sehari. Other than that hari-hari I makan oat, kurma, kismis dan chia seed. Alhamdulillah it works for me :)
Actually, ada banyak jenis lacto food kat dunia ni yang menggalakkan penghasilan susu. Macam kat US, basic lacto food diorang adalah oat. Jadi dari oat mereka buat lacto food macam biskut oat supaya sedap dimakan. Macam orang dulu-dulu mak-mak kita takde pun suruh makan oat mesti suruh makan sayur ataupun minum air rebusan-rebusan herba. Selain dari makan sayuran hijau, cubalah makan oat, barli atau makanan yang berasaskan bijirin sebab mengandungi estrogen tumbuhan yang boleh meningkatkan rangsangan kepada kelenjar susu dan boost susu badan kita.
Kandungan beta-glucan yang ada dalam bijirin oat ni pulak boleh meningkatkan kadar prolaktin susu dalam aliran darah. Walaupun ada banyak jenis lacto food tapi I nak highlightkan yang empat bawah ni je which is lacto food yang paling common:

1. Halba (fenugreek), dinegara kita memang common halba ni. Ambil satu sudu kecil halba, masukkan dalam air. Rebus sehingga mendidih kemudian minum suam-suam. Biasanya I tambah sikit kismis supaya boleh telah. haha. Tapi ikut la, ada yang letak madu. Boleh je.

2. Oat dan bijirin (Oat, barli, gandum) paling common di US. Oat dan bijirin memang makanan bagus untuk diet yang sihat dan sangat disyorkan sebagai diet harian. Kebanyakan orang mengamalkan oat sebab kandungan beta-glucan yang boleh mengurangkan kolestrol dan juga meningkatkan milk production. Masa bulan puasa tiap-tiap hari sahur makan overnight oat. Yang tak sangka sangat hari-hari pulak tu.

3. Sayuran Hijau (Dark Leafy green). Sayuran hijau seperti bayam, kailan, brokoli, sawi secara tradisinya mempunyai nutrien yang boleh menyokong penghasilan susu badan disamping menambahkan tenaga dan meningkatkan sistem imun badan kita. Kalau dekat rumah I jarang nak buat sup sayur ni sebab dah makan oat pagi-pagi. Paling suke letak sayur dalam nasi goreng atau Tumis dengan sos tiram. Lagi sedap.

4. Moringa Tea. Kalau U baca dalam breastfeeding tips by Dr. Harlina, teh moringa ni mempunyai laktogenik efek yang meningkatkan kadar prolaktin seawal 48 jam selepas pengambilan. So far I tak cuba lagi Moringa Tea tapi baca-baca tentang kebaikan teh ni memang bagus sebab jatuh dalam kategori superfood. Apa itu Superfood? Ha google dulu. Esok lusa I buat entri tentang Moringa Tea okey.

Thanks for reading.


Bloglist Segmen 2018: A Secret Journey
Jomlah join segmen bloglist 2018. Klik dekat banner ni okeh! :)
Tamat 7.08.2018

Hi sherlyanna97!

Salam perkenalan! Nama diberi Siti Nurain dan berumur 29 tahun. Bekerja sebagai fulltime freelance translator, telah berkahwin dan mempunyai seorang cahayamata :). Blogging sejak 2012, tapi sekali-sekala sahaja tulis blog .. now nak aktif balik tulis blog. Macamana sherlyanna97 boleh selalu ada masa tulis blog ya? Boleh kongsi tips hehe :). busy as #momlife nak cari masa up-to-date susah betul..

Oklah itu sahaja:). Selamat berkenalan.

Sunday, 5 August 2018

Recipe: Easy Maggi Fried Viral Only 3 Ingredients by Adamdidam (IG)

Hari-hari kalau ikutkan memang nak masak yang sedap-sedap je macam ayam black pepper, ayam masak lemak cili api, daging masak kurma and so on. Tapi kadang-kadang tekak ni teringin nak masak yang sesuatu yang sempoi dan mudah.
Contohnya Meggi Goreng.
Jumpa satu instagram seorang chef nama Adamdidam, nampak video masakan dia. Cara dia masak meggi goreng ni memang sempoi! Cuma guna beberapa bahan yang sedia dirumah dan tak complicated. Resepi dia memang dah viral kat ig sampai I pun terikut-ikut. hehee. Jom tengok bahan-bahannya mesti korang pun nak ikut masak sekali.
Maggi Goreng Viral Insta


@Maggi curry 2 bungkus direbus
@Cili api 3-4 batang dipotong
@perencah maggi
@Bawang putih 3-4 biji (potong atau ditumbuk pun boleh)
@Telur 2 biji
@Limau 2 biji (Kite guna Cuka Epal, limau habis T_T)
@Bawang goreng/daun Sup for hiasan. :)


1. Rebus maggi curry (2 bungkus). Angkat dan tos. Letak tepi.

2. Panaskan minyak. Minyak dalam 2-3 sudu. Tumis sampai garing

3. Masukkan telur goreng dua biji. Tunggu masak sedikit dan kecilkan api.

4. Taburkan perencah maggi atas telur. Kemudian pecah-pecahkan telur hingga nampak hancur dan garing. Masukkan cili api dan gaul.

5. Masukkan maggi yang dah ditos airnya. Kemudian gaul dan goreng. Kacau sebati. Siap sudah! Selamat mencuba!


Monday, 30 July 2018

Recipe: Easy and Delicious Malaysia Fried Rice!

Alamak! Hari ini rajin pulak nak kongsi resepi nasi goreng kampung mudah ala-ala makan dekat kedai. Resepi nasi goreng ni memang sedap, rugi sangat kalau tak dikongsikan untuk dicuba. Resepi nasi goreng ni, sebenarnya inspirasi dari resepi kak yatiekitchen yang ain tiruvasi teknik dan cara masakannya di instagram. Oleh kerana, ramai yang dah cuba dan komen sedap. So why not give a try! Hasilnya memang terbaikkk..okey silalah tengok bahan-bahan dan cara memasak dibawah..

Bahan-bahannya adalah:

@Nasi yang telah dimasak dan disejukkan
@Ikan Bilis yang digoreng garing
@Cili hidup warna merah 5 Batang (Cili Besar)
@Cili padi 3-4 batang (Kalau nak pedas, kalau nak lagi pedas tambahlah ikut suka)
@Belacan Sebesar Ibu Jari
@Telur 2 Biji
@Bawang merah sebiji yang kecil, kalau bawang merah besar potong separuh
@Bawang putih 5 biji kecil (perlu diingat, kalau nak lagi sedap, bawang putih kena lagi banyak dari bawang merah)
@Daun Sup sebatang - Dipotong halus
@Garam Secukup rasa
@Bawang Goreng Garing (Sebagai Hiasan)
@Daun Sup (Ditabur sebagai hiasan)

Cara-caranya begini ye:

1. Goreng ikan bilis garing, lepas goreng angkat. Toskan minyak. Masuk dalam lesung batu, tumbuk ala kadar. Jangan pulak sampai jadi serbuk. Nanti tak rasa pulak ikan bilisnya.

2. Kemudian, tumbuk bawang putih, merah, cili padi, cili hidup hingga lumat, sebati. If nak blender boleh sangat. Kalau nak potong kecik-kecik pun boleh jugak. Sebab ain nak cepat siap masak sebelum hubs balik kejar masa tak dan nak ambik blender or lesung batu. Ain potong kecik-kecik selaju mungkin, panaskan minyak then campak dalam kuali. Sonang!

3. Dah campak, kacau sampai garing, time ni masuk belacan, pecah-pecahkan belacan kacau dengan bawang-bawangan yang ditumis garing dengan cili sampai naik bau sampai ke hidung. Perghh memang menyengat bau satu rumah!

4. Kemudian, perlahankan api, jangan sampai hangus ye! Pecahkan dua biji telur masukkan dalam kuali, kuatkan sikit api kemudian kacau sampai telur tu masak dan pecah-pecah sebati dengan bawang-bawang garing itu. Okay time ni ain masukkan sikit sejemput daun sup supaya aroma daun sup tu naik bau.

5. Selepas itu, masukkan nasi putih. Gaulkan nasi sampai sebati dan garing. Masukkan selebihnya daun sup. Tinggalkan sikit untuk hiasan atas pinggan. Okay, dah siap pun Nasi goreng kampung ala-ala kedai makan. ;)
Nasi Goreng Kampung Ala Masak Kedai - Selamat Mencuba!


Saturday, 14 July 2018

Iphone 6 unable to connect with Wifi? The Signal Way too Slow

Sudah dua tiga hari ni memang tension, sebab iphone tak dapat signal wifi. Ada pun, tenggelam timbul..tenggelam timbul satu bar je. Selalunya kalau signal internet tak dapat aku just restart phone, on pastu off balik. Dah ada balik signal wifi. Tapi kali ni, memang langsung tak boleh. Aku dah cuba restart router modem wifi rumah. Tapi still tak menjadi.

Beritahu husband pasal phone problem. Dia pun cuba restart and buat benda yang sama, punn tak boleh jugak. Wahh. Ni memang menguji iman bila wifi tak boleh connect! hahaa! Terpaksa pakai mobile data yang just signal E jek tu. Hmmmphhh.

Lalu aku pun gunakan skill menggoogle, kenapa Iphone 6 aku ni tak dapat wifi. Lama aku cari baca video youtube. Macam sama dah yang aku buat. Reset network setting pun dah keberapa kali. Last-last fikir nak bawak pergi kedai repair kat area Aeon Manjung. So, aku ajak la husband pergi kedai.

Staff yang buat repair IPhone yang kedai tu pun explain. Wifi jadi macam ni sebab aku tak update ios sebelum ni. Sebab Iphone terus update kepada ios yang paling latest. Dia bagi solution nak tak nak memang kena downgrade ios. Masalahnya kedai dia tak provide ios downgrade service, so aku kena pergi Apple centre dekat Ipoh. Huhuhuuu. Bila tah nak perginye. Haa. tu la dia. Kalau dah downgrade ios nanti, aku share result. Okie.