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Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Recipe : Biscuits Cakes Recipe a.k.a Batik Cake in Malaysian

Biscuits cakes recipe or are known as Batik cake in Malaysia is one of the simplest homemade cake ever to do. Because the ingredient also very simple and easy to make. I have seen and read many bloggers reviewing how to make the simplest and delicious Batik Cake ever recipe! J . And believe it or not I have try it out so many times and it really works and most important is the taste so lovely and delicious moreover when you are a chocolate fan. Yummmyy!

So Guys!. Here the ingredients to make Biscuits Cake a.k.a Batik Cake.

The making of Biscuit cakes @ Batik Cake ----> 

  1.  Crack the biscuits into two and put on dry container.

 2. Heat up the pan, put in low flame. Then melted the margarine. Instead of using margarine, you also can use butter, If you use butter the result and aroma so lovely fragranced whole of your house.

 3. After the margarine is hundred percent melted, then you insert chocolate malt little by little and the same time you need to immediately stirring the combination of melted margarine and chocolate malt to make it smooth and not lumpy.

  4. After that, add sweet condensed milk little by little and keep stir it until it smooth and no more excess oil in your pan. However, you need to taste it to makesure your cake not to sweet or bland. If me, I just put half of sweet condensed milk and if the taste is still bland you can add little more of sweet condensed milk. And also make sure not cook it to long to avoid your chocolate liquid smell burnt.

 5. Okay, after your liquid chocolate on your pan already smooth and not lumpy and no more excess oil in your frying pan. Shut down the flame of your pan. Take the container that filled with marie biscuits which is already cracked into two. Then add the biscuits little by little and not rush to avoid biscuits not fracture. Mix well the biscuits and cooked chocolate liquid on your frying pan, then you will see beautiful pattern of chocolate biscuits cake a.k.a Batik cake that you made like this. 

  6.  Next, prepare container that have circle shape like this or similar.

 7. Then, put a layer of plastic in container. Then, put all the biscuits that mix well with chocolate on your pan, into the circle container. Press and pack the entire container to get a round shape like a cake. Keep it in a container for several hours or overnight. Or you also can leave it in the fridge if you want the result to be crispy. Even if you did not put in the fridge,  it will still crispy because it was formed from biscuits.

After several hours, you may take out the plastics then the results will be like this. J

Cut in to pieces and ready to serve :-) . Have fun trying!. 

:-) Bye. Toodless!.