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Monday, 31 October 2016

Dear Married Guy

Dear Married Guy,

First of all. I want to thanks to you for hardly knowing me. Putting your effort texting me, flirt and spread every tactic to got into me. Dear married guy, don't u not knowing the realization of your self? That u are a married man?? Or you really are got into out of your mind? I think you really do.

Dear married guy, don't u know how your wife feels when she knows you trying to build another life with someone else behind him. Don't she feel sad and devastated with his life? And most important don't u feel what is your wife feeling? or u really don't even think about his feeling don't u? don't u love him as u said when your love is in the air?

What about the kids?? How will she going through his life when she...entire life decide to spent whole life with you?

Dear married guy, I still don't understand what is the point to have another affair. I really don't.

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