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Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Recipe: Sweet Pumpkin Fritter [Cucur Labu Lemak Manis]


Who's fritter lover here? Ever try Sweet Pumpkin Fritter? In Malay, we called it 'Cucur'. Usually, we make anchovies fritter or prawn fritter right? but this time I want to share a recipe, Sweet Pumpkin Fritter [Cucur Labu Lemak Manis]. Actually, I got this recipe from an instafamous chef (yatiekitchen).
I applied almost 90% same ingredients but a little bit different because I'm using what I got in my refrigerator. Sis Yatie using potatoes and prawn, but I'm using sweet pumpkin and anchovies as the base. hehe. I just try and error. If the results were not okay I'm not going to cook it again. Surprisingly, after I taste the fritter the results are delicious and deserved to share with people out here :D. The more pumpkin you put in, the taste got better.
Sweet Pumpkin Fritter @ Cucur Labu Manis

Okay, let us start to discuss about the ingredients first if you have potatoes not pumpkin just go with it. But if you have pumpkin the taste is milky rich and sweet. Definitely, I am going to repeat this recipe and cook it over and over. haha.
@Sweet Pumpkin (Diced it into small pieces)
@Red Chillies (Slice)
@Chive Leaf (Cut for 3cm each)
@One egg
@Anchovies (Punch)
@A little bit of Cukup rasa Maggi
@A bowl of wheat flour (which is included with baking powder)
@Rice flour 2-3 tablespoon


1. Mix all the ingredients just like in the picture below, add-on warm water and mix until well. Make sure, not too thick and not too liquid for you to fry it.

2. Heat the oil to deep fry and wait until it is slowly boiling, and then fry it till you find it crispy. Gudluck!
Love the colours! 

Okay done! Thanks for reading! Don't forget to drop me a comment after trying it :D

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