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Sunday, 17 November 2019

More Milk, Mama Essential Oils By Nuuha Botanicals

More Milk, Mama Essential Oils By Nuuha Botanicals
[Designated Essential Oils to Increase Milk Supply]

I have tried it and it is good for mood stimulation to increase your milk supply. The ingredients contain essential oil blends of lavender, fennel, and basil. As for my review, I love this essential cause it does effective for me but the fennel or maybe the smell of basil somehow is overpowering than lavender smell. 

I would really like it if the smells of lavender balance to each other. But other than that, the essential oil is perfect for me. The smell of basil and fennel might be good for me during the confinement period because of herbs itself that might be effective that way. Thank you πŸ’— 

You might want to know more about More Milk, Mama Essential Oils by Nuuha Botanicals. Click the website link I've attached up here :)

[How to Apply]

- Massage onto your breasts above the lymph area [avoid the nipple] and on the spine at breast level after a nursing session.
- Use maximum 2 times per day.
- Use for 7 days and stop after milk supply starts to increase and repeat as required.
- Drink a lot of water.

Saturday, 9 November 2019

5 Most Passive Income Job 2019 Malaysia

What is Passive income?

Passive income in other simple meanings can be explained by you do one job before and after that, you got paid by other people many times by many peoples because of the one or multiple jobs you do previously. You still get the income till now even though you are no longer currently doing that job. That is the meaning of 'passive income' as far I could understand to explain. You keep receiving long term token or money from the previous job. Wow! I wish I had this passive income job too! Oh, pray for me Please!

How to earn by passive income?

Let's check this out this #5 popular Passive Income Job 2019 below.

#5 Passive Income Job 2019 #Malaysia.

1. Blog Writer (Blogger)

Blog writer is a popular job that makes you receive passive income. It depends on how much your blog visitor or blog reader. With more than 1 million blog readers of your blog. You can offer advertisement services to the client for your reader eye-catch!. And at the same time, you received your payment from your writing for the advertisement (advertorial).

More advertorial writing you make for your client's more passive income you received. The advertisement came from different platforms such as Google Adsense, Nuffnang, Innity, ittify, and many other advertisement platforms

2. Affiliate Marketing

Through the affiliate program, you can make money through passive income. But how? If you have facebook, blog or website you can use that platform to review and promote other products (affiliate product). For example, you join one affiliate program from a Malaysian millionnaire (Dato' Aliff Syukri) and then you using facebook or any media social such Twitter and Instagram as a platform to share with people and at the same time promoting the product by providing the affiliate link reference to the reader. And you will receive a commission payment for every sale from the affiliate link reference you make. Common guys! A passive income is just at the tip of your finger! Everyone can do this, right? Share on Media Social, Earn Money and Cash out. That's it!

3. Youtuber User (V blogger)

You can make passive money as Youtuber user and love to making video sharing or tutorial videos according to your self-creativity. You earn money for every advertising that appears in your video.

4. Writing Ebook

Get your own idea to produce an ebook. By producing your own ebook, create your website shop, and by using the Google SEO search engine to get people to know about your ebook and receive the profit of your ebook sale. You can use to automate your ebook sale as one of your options.

5. Rent your house with positive Cash Flow 

You can rent your house for investment to get passive income every month. Let say the installment of your house is rm700 and you rent at rm1100 monthly according to the market surrounding. Access rm400 is your passive income every month. If you interested in this way, start planning to get a house for investment for positive cash flow passive income now.

Actually, there is much more passive income that exists, you can just google it yourself, however, I stick to this 5 passive income first because I truly believe it really can bring your passive money and it happens to my close friend and surrounding and I have seen it with my eyes! I'm going to make sure one or two of this passive income is in my hand and can't wait to make it happen!

Thursday, 31 October 2019

Benefits of BigPay. Steps To Pay Cheap Airasia Ticket Promo 2019: GET RM10 CASH BONUS NOW

Assalamualaikum & Hi There,

I'm a long time not busy blogging. But today in hurry I want to share with all readers here how to get pay your Airasia Ticket lesser and cheap than you usually pay. This is good news for all of you!

I'm talking about the processing fee guys. Usually when I buy a ticket from KL- Alor Star or KL - Alor Star with ..let say One-way ticket Alor Star - KL price will be rm79. With add on 1 infant under 2 years. The total payment will be RM 132.00. Its all including the processing fee.

Travelling with my little boy, of course, I'm the photographer πŸ˜„ Look at her, cheeky smileπŸ’˜

So, I want to share with you guys the benefits of BigPay how you how I pay lesser than the usual is by registering Account under Big Pay. AirAsia has been launching the BigPay and there is a lot of benefits that you must know and you can check this out below okay? Click the link and Sign UP! Dont forget to my code to get RM10 free!

Benefits of BigPay:


When paying with a debit or credit card, processing fees can amount to up to RM24 per booking.Why pay that?

Banks charge you a mark-up fee on top of the currency exchange rate. We don't. That's more money for you.

Travelling not-so-light or scared of being hungry on your flight? Enjoy RM2 per pre-booked item with BigPay.

Spending with BigPay earns you BIG Points on every transaction. Use them to redeem free flights.

Click here to Download Bigpay App on your mobile & get RM10 Cash Bonus now! and use this Code 'KZTDDXWDCW' to get RM10 FREE when Sign Up.

Sunday, 8 September 2019

Beauty Skin Care Routine After 30s

Hello readers,

Btw, hari ini ain nak share tentang Beauty Skin Care Tips bila dah mencecah umur 30. Last month on March 4 2019, genap sudah my age masuk 30 series. Seriously, memang sekarang macam tak percaya umur dah 30 πŸ‘€πŸ˜…. Sebab ..rasa macam muda lagi je haha.

Tapi memang tak sangka dah sampai angka tiga usiaku..huaarggh terasa banyak masa yang dibazirkan dan waktu berjalan dengan pantas. Kalau diberi peluang diundurkan waktu, nak jaga skin elok-elok. Parut-parut kat badan, bekas-bekas excident nak jaga elok-elok kasi pudar. hahaa. Tapi sekarang dah masuk 30 series, hope tak terlambat lagilah 😁. 

So macam mana ye nak take care of skin kita bila umur dah cecah 30?  Biasanya umur 30 tahun skin dah mula ada problem. Macam ain jeragat-jeragat halus dah mula nampak. Bila dah jadi macamtu ain pakai cream day safi tu banyak sikit nak bagi hilang.

Lepastu pakailah bedak pulak yang ada SPF30++ tu untuk menghalang pancaran matahari yang boleh menaikkan jeragat kulit muka. Hint jeragat kat muka memang seriously cakap kat diri sendiri. 'ok ko dah tua k.' Now ko kena start take care of your skin dengan serious.

Me 30 vs Husben 28 πŸ˜‰

Pada umur macam nilah, akan ada masalah-masalah kulit yang mugkin kita tak expect. So please jom take care sama-sama kulit kita semua..especially yang perempuan-perempuan semua k. 

Agak-agak korang, korang dapat buat tak semua yang list bawah ni everyday?
  1.  Clean-Tone-Moisture Routine 
  2. Jaga Pemakanan
  3. Cari Ingredient Penting yang berkesan untuk kulit.
  4. Amalkan Suplemen
  5. Rutin Facial
  6. Face mask
  7. Excercise
  8. Exfoliate
  9. Minum Air
  10. Jaga kesihatan
  11. Krim malam
  12. Eye Cream
  13. Body lotion
  14. Hydrating your skin
  15. Using Sunscreen
Thursday, 14 March 2019

Nankid Optima Ha 3 Surprise Box By

A Surprise Gift Box from! Lets unboxing! 

Beautiful Gift Box :D
Minggu lepas ain dapat hadiah from dengan kotak yang sangat cantik. Berbunga-bunga hati ni dapat hadiah, rupa-rupanya hadiah untuk anak ^^. Takpelah Happy kiddo, happy mom, right.
So, i made a video unboxing the gift box with Adam and waah challengingnya! Dah lah nak berperang dengan anak. Pastu nak unbox lagi, silap haribulan box yang cantik ni boleh lunyai πŸ˜…. Tapi its okay, mommi so far memang redah je buat video unbox ni. 
. hadiahkan mommi and Adam Susu Nestle Nankid Optima Ha 3 bersaiz 800g . Mommy memang plan nak tukar susu untuk Adam Izhan once Adam masuk 1 tahun. So it really a good start for Adam and we should try it! 
For information all mommies luar sana should take note that Susu Nankid Optima Ha 3 ni not like others powder milk brand okay. Susu Nankid ialah Susu Protein separa hidrolisis, ialah kurang alergenik berbanding protein susu lembu biasa, oleh itu rumusan susu ini lebih mudah serap dan hadam. 

Susu Nankid bagus untuk penghadaman sebab ada bakteria yang baik untuk usus lebih sihat. Sekarang ni anak dah pun menginjak usia 1 tahun, potensi dia cuba macam-macam makanan boleh sebabkan anak hadapi gangguan penghadaman. Jadi susu ni bagus kalau mommies nak cuba kalau ada masalah penghadaman. 

Muka puas hati dapat barangπŸ˜™πŸ˜„

                                                                    Tengoklah gambar yang ni, mommi nak explain dalam video pun takleh, dia sibuk nak pegang priviledge member card yang mommy dapat from Motherhood tu😐.. Terpaksa la bagi kat dia so dia boleh diam ambik gambar. Ni belum anak 2, 3, dan seterusnya ya puan-puan. Mommi pasti mommies luar sana faham. hehehe. Besar dah Adam Izhan ni. Rindu masa dia newborn. Paling win sekarang ni rindu nak ada baby balik 😁.

Sekarang ni ada promotion best tau dengan Susu Nestle Subscription Plan! Momies boleh dapat diskaun sehingga 30% dengan percuma 1 tin. Lebih jimat dan penghantaran pun percuma. Peromosi ni bukan je untuk Nankid Optipro Ha+ 3 je, tapi juga untuk Susu Lactogrow 3, Nankid Optipro 3 dan Nankid Optipro 4. Mommies boleh dapatkan sekarang di okay !😘😍😘😍😘😍

Thursday, 7 February 2019

Adam Izhan 1 year old & Welcome to Toddlerhood!

Gift from Wan & Atok. Adam Say thank you granny n grandpaπŸ‘ΆπŸ» 🌸

Happy 1 year my deary baby πŸ‘ΆπŸ» Adam Izhan. My Lil baby is a toddler already. Officially we as parent entering toddlerhood phase. This turning year happens so fast and time flies with my unrealize goes by. It feels just like yesterday I was delivering my baby. 
And now he is 1 year old now. I do missing moments when Adam is newborn. Smell like heaven and fresh from my womb. What a wonderful feeling that I would never ever forget. My first born from my womb. 
Turning 1 year is just a number😌. Mommy still babying you. Hahaha. 
When someone asks me why you still calling your son ‘baby’? Your son is a toddler now. I just smile away and said he’s always gonna be my baby πŸ‘ΆπŸ» 🌸 and make him be mommies boy haha.
You can say mommy is hard πŸ˜‚ to accept the fact that.. Adam is growing to be a Lil boy, teenager and a fine man one day..Aminn Inshaallah.

Mommy so proud with Adam when Adam already get to stand on her feet and walk already by 11 months old. Adam growth progress development on his tracks and mommy got to do what mommy got to do πŸ˜‚ where mommy need to give up mommy time and spent all the time for her, playing with her every single time after he wakes up from sleep, feeding him and definitely bathroom time. tehehehe

Mommi feels little sad when daddy is not around to celebrate Adam's very first 1-year born day. Mommi really hopes that daddi can make it happen on Adam's next birthday.