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Thursday, 7 February 2019

Adam Izhan 1 year old & Welcome to Toddlerhood!

Gift from Wan & Atok. Adam Say thank you granny n grandpa👶🏻 🌸

Happy 1 year my deary baby 👶🏻 Adam Izhan. My Lil baby is a toddler already. Officially we as parent entering toddlerhood phase. This turning year happens so fast and time flies with my unrealize goes by. It feels just like yesterday I was delivering my baby. 
And now he is 1 year old now. I do missing moments when Adam is newborn. Smell like heaven and fresh from my womb. What a wonderful feeling that I would never ever forget. My first born from my womb. 
Turning 1 year is just a number😌. Mommy still babying you. Hahaha. 
When someone asks me why you still calling your son ‘baby’? Your son is a toddler now. I just smile away and said he’s always gonna be my baby 👶🏻 🌸 and make him be mommies boy haha.
You can say mommy is hard 😂 to accept the fact that.. Adam is growing to be a Lil boy, teenager and a fine man one day..Aminn Inshaallah.

Mommy so proud with Adam when Adam already get to stand on her feet and walk already by 11 months old. Adam growth progress development on his tracks and mommy got to do what mommy got to do 😂 where mommy need to give up mommy time and spent all the time for her, playing with her every single time after he wakes up from sleep, feeding him and definitely bathroom time. tehehehe

Mommi feels little sad when daddy is not around to celebrate Adam's very first 1-year born day. Mommi really hopes that daddi can make it happen on Adam's next birthday. 

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